Laser Photoplotting

High-quality laser photoplotting, silkscreen artwork, scanning, and AutoCad to Gerber conversion services.


Our full service in-house CAD/CAM department specializes in helping PCB fabrication companies and engineering teams from around the world solve their customers' problems. With quick turnaround times, our team is standing by to provide you with laser photoplotting, PCB scanning, silkscreen artwork generation, and DXF/DWG to Gerber conversion services.

  • CAD/CAM specialists with over 30 years of editing experience
  • Data generation from AutoCAD, Gerber data, and dimensioned drawings
  • Quick turn-around times available
  • Superior Kodak 7 mil ultra fine film and chemistry
  • Quarter mil and eighth mil resolutions
  • Convert DXF and DWG to Gerbers
  • PCB and small part scanning

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Precision Devices have come to rely heavily on Photo Design with a variety of projects from laser machining to chemically etching, no job is too small or too out of the ordinary for Photo Design. With Photo-Design’s standard delivery of 24-48 hours, Precision Devices have never missed an opportunity to bring in new business undertakings. We can feel confident that our request will be treated as if you were Photo-Design’s only customer.

Daniel G. Precision Devices

Laser Photoplotting Services

Our low cost quick-turn chemical etching services are perfect for prototyping, electronics, jewelery, scale models, signs and more!

Laser Photoplotting Services:
Photo Design offers film photoplotting using a Fire 9500 laser photoplotter and an IGI front end rastering system that offers quarter mil and eighth mil resolutions. We use Kodak 7 mil Ultraline film and chemistry.

Silkscreen Artwork Generation Services:
We can create your artwork from Gerber data, AutoCAD DWG or DXF, dimensioned prints, or PDF files. We can add new text, logos, and images as well as remove any unwanted areas. We use 7 mil, clear mylar silver film for superior dimensional accuracy over conventional bitmap plotters. All data is preapproved before final artwork is produced to insure quality and accuracy.

PCB Scanning Services:
Photo Design's scanning system can accurately create data from photo tooling, film artworks, circuit boards as well as small parts. We can convert problem artworks to CAD data - much faster than manual digitizing methods - into an electronic database available for editing and modifications.

AutoCad to Gerber Conversion Services:
Photo Design offers data conversion from AutoCAD DWG or DXF to gerber. Our CAD/CAM specialists can convert multi-layer boards, parts, silkscreen panels to manufacturable gerber data.